• Practical and stylish
  • Various types of sliding door systems
  • Matching sliding door fittings

Even more movement in the room

The Move sliding door system is second to no other Svedex door range. There is plenty of choice, but you also have the option to create a tailor-made classical solution, using alternatives. There are 3 sliding door options to give even more design choice. Irrespective of why you would choose a sliding door, with Move, you will find the solution that fits you.

Move 2

The Move 2 sliding door system is extremely reliable and designed for regular daily use. The sliding mechanism is fitted at the head of the door and hidden behind a high-quality aluminium rail. Most of the Svedex door designs are available to be used with the system.





Move 3

Move 3 turns each move you make with your sliding door in to a smooth operation. The cutting edge stainless steel wheels glide effortlessly along the engineered stainlss steel top rail. If you combine this with stainless steel sliding door handles, the picture will be perfect.





Move 4

With the Move 4 sliding door system, Svedex is not just putting its money on color accents. If you have fallen in love with the black accents, you should combine Move 4 with Svedex door ranges. Just about any will do.



Move 5

The color black gives special accents also to the
Move 5. It is a sliding door system with stylish and subtle door attachments, which can optically be matched to other black accents in your room, like furniture or lamps. So Move 5 provides even more movement in your interior and extends the diversity in choice.