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Enter with Svedex

Expertise, enthusiasm and devotion to our profession is what has been driving us to make the best lacquered doors since 1954.

Svedex designer doors make interiors prettier. Styles and tastes, wishes and trends, are translated into interior doors with character. Whatever your taste, style or budget, you will always find a suitable designer door in our versatile collection, whether you are looking for line, glass or panel doors. Furthermore, all designer doors are beautifully lacquered with Svedex Super Lak®.
Create your own unique style and add personality to your interior with a Svedex designer door.

The story of Svedex

The story of Svedex and its doors started well over 60 years ago. Established in 1954, Svedex in the Netherlands built its first factory and began the journey to become one of the first companies in Europe to manufacture doors on an industrial scale.  And nowadays it is the Dutch brand for style doors. Affordable quality and sustainable vision.

Affordable quality and sustainable vision.

Over the past 40 years, our product range has grown from purely smooth doors to approximately 240 different decorative models, always following our philosophy that beautiful doors must be affordable and of good quality. This sustainable vision, as it is called nowadays, is welcomed by the construction community in terms of environmental protection, choice of materials and corporate social responsibility.

Svedex, a network of specialised dealers.

It’s important that you can see for yourself the quality and performance of a Svedex style door before you make the decision to buy. If you’re asking yourself, how does the design present itself in daylight, or, what choices of design are available? Then why not make an appointment to visit one of our specialised dealers’ showrooms. We invite you to visit.

Investing in CSR

Everyone agrees that sustainable building is important. If we want to bequeath a liveable world to the next generations, we must do everything we can to reduce CO2 emissions and manage our natural resources prudently. Svedex wants to contribute to that. A large proportion of our assortment of doors has the FSC hallmark. We are pioneers in this area and we have the largest assortment of FSC certified doors in the Netherlands. Finishing using Superlak® requires little energy and is therefore environmentally friendly. Svedex has been using a unique lacquering process for more than 35 years. Because the lacquer layer hardens quickly, this finishing method uses less energy. Furthermore, CO2 emissions have been a thing of the past for many years.