Variety of fittings

In addition to the variety of doors and frames available, we have a range of fittings that is just as extensive. You can choose between round and square rosettes, surface-mounted or flush, but also opt for trendy fittings with oblong (right-angled) escutcheons. Almost all fittings offered adhere to the Class 3 norm, offer top-quality design at an affordable price, and are easy to fit.

New in our range: black handles. Three timeless handles in trendy black, matching perfectly to white style doors. Should it be Voque, Lounge or Live? It is up to you!

Moreover, also for our sliding doors, you can finish the complete image with black shell handles or handle grips are available.



Door handles

Because tastes differ, Svedex offers a wide assortment of door handles, in brushed matte stainless steel, shiny polished stainless steel or fashionable black. There is a wide selection of designs, created for functionality or loved for their appearance.


Sliding door fittings

Doors that make a statement in your house deserve fittings that speak for themselves. Svedex sliding door grips or flush pull handles perfectly match the special design of your Svedex designer door. They are made of beautifully brushed matte stainless steel or fashionable black that is resistant to skin contact.