New - For you: DexFix Tool Innovation.

Unique. Time-saving.

We have developed this innovative tool for everyone who assembles Svedex door frames. You can use it to align the door frame quickly, fasten and line it so it is permanent and pressure-resistant.  It’s an especially time-saving alternative to normal wooden wedges. All the Svedex frames can be supplied with DexFix assembly tools. Optionally pre-assembled or supplied separately for self-assembly. As the processor, you only have to adjust the tools individually using a screwdriver or battery-powered screwdriver - to the brickwork, studding or drywall construction. This saves you up to 25% of the time required to install door frames.

The future of door frame installation is smart, small and extremely time-saving with DexFix. DexFix information can be found here.

The future of door frame installation is smart, small and extremely time-saving. The newly developed DexFix assembly tool by Svedex fulfils the requirements processors have during assembly exactly.  Easy handling, accurate assembly and shorter assembly time. Exclusively, only with Svedex!




The job is completed faster with DexFix

During the development, important to us was that this tool had to be fast and easy to use. After all, the objective was: To save you, the customer, time during the assembly of our door frames, allowing you to work more efficiently. DexFix can be supplied pre-mounted on the frame or attached by you yourself. When aligning the door frame high-wise, the DexFix quickly provides you with the required stability.

DexFix assembly instructions can be found here.

Exclusive at Svedex

Initially, DexFix is only available exclusively from us. It can be ordered along with Svedex door frames, attached or loose in the package.