• Wide range of Frames
  • Steel and Wooden Frames
  • Adapted to every door style

A door on its own has no impact 

Everything depends on the framing. Within this framework, we have developed a wide range of door frames, adapted to every door style. On this page, you can view all the possible designs. Even better, go and visit the showroom of one of our partner dealers.

Frame model

DX Model 1

DX Model 2

DX Model 3

Frame type

Deluxe (55/70/80 mm)

Profiled (65 mm)

Basic RE

Basic RR

TWIN, a double opportunity for minimalists.

Technically, this is a frame with a system of double casings, and a sub frame. The in-built mounting, from a visual perspective, is the perfect and only system available for framing flush-mounted doors.

Minimalists see their chances double: the lining of the doors and frames is perfect, corners and edges are limited to a minimum.