Clear glass is best cleaned with clean water, possibly in combination with household detergent. Never use abrasives. 

Satin glass is a special type of glass that has been processed on one side, making it opaque. The processed side of the glass feels a bit rougher than the other side. Because this side of the glass has been processed, we advise you to take the following steps when cleaning. These steps only apply to the processed side of the glass.

  • Step 1 Cleaning

    Apply detergent to the glass. Use a sponge to thoroughly clean the glass.

  • Step 2 Rinsing

    Rinse the glass with warm, clean tap water after cleaning. Use a sponge to do this. Make sure the glazing bars come into contact with the water as little as possible.

  • Step 3 Rubbing dry

    Rub the glass as dry as possible using a dry sponge. Rub the glass again using a dry microfibre cloth. This way, the surface will dry evenly.

    Note: Do not use a glass detergent that dries quickly as this will create “drying stains”. We also advise against using an all-purpose cleaner. Corrosive, acidic or abrasive detergents must not be used. Do not use glass detergent such as Glassex!